Navaratna Gemstones

Navaratna Gemstones (Nine Gemstones)

Navaratna Gemstones (“Nine Gems”) resemble the cultural importance of different religions of India. Also, it signifies the solar family of the universe. There are nine stones, each with unique properties and color. According to Hindu Mythology, our life changes with the position of Navagrahas or nine planets in the universe. It is believed that the positioning of Navagrahas in a person’s horoscope will transform his lifestyle. Navaratna gems are the stones which are believed to control the nine planets of your horoscope. Each zodiac sign of Human is recommended a gemstone to acquire prosperity and happiness in life. People wear navaratna gemstones either as a ring or a chain, you can Buy Quality Navaratna Stones in Chennai at Jaipur Gems N Jewel . Mostly, Navaratna rings are worn by people to reach heights in life. As we people believe in gemstones, it is really necessary for us to know in detail about them. The nine gems are given below with their Tamil names bracketed.

  • Ruby (Maanickam)
  • Pearl (Muthu)
  • Red Coral (Pavazham)
  • Emerald (Maragadham)
  • Yellow Sapphire (Pushparagam)
  • Blue Sapphire(Neelam)
  • Diamond (Vairam)
  • Hessonite (Komedhagam)
  • Cat’s Eye (Vaidooriyam)

Now, let us see the significant features of each gem to get deep knowledge on the stones.

Ruby (“Maanickam”)

Navaratna Gemstone - Navaratna Stones - ruby

Ruby is a stone which varies in color from pink to dark red color. Ruby is a gemstone dedicated to the Sun god. People who want to achieve a great fame, prosperity, warmth and virtue can wear this stone. According to Hindu Astrology, Ruby is the lucky stone for people with Leo zodiac sign (Simha Rasi). The Ruby gemstone is said to have the powers to enhance one’s status in life from poor to rich. Ruby will be very hot by nature and symbolizes love & Passion.

Pearl (“Muthu”)

Navaratna Stone - Navaratna Stones - Pearl

A pearl is a natural object formed within a shell containing mollusks. The top quality precious pearls are considered to be as the lucky gemstone. Many used to wear pearl ornaments for beauty. But there are special powers within real pearl which lift people to great heights. According to Hindu Astrology, people with cancer zodiac sign are supposed to wear Pearl to attain goodness. One who possesses or wears a good pearl seem to enjoy a luxurious life with prosperity. They develop themselves to be more important and live a long life happily. People will gain more wisdom and that intelligence will make them renowned among the crowd.

Red Coral (“Pavazham”)

Navaratna Stone - Navaratna Stones - red coral

Red corals grow on rocks mainly located at seas. The best quality coral stone is selected as gemstone. Red coral is worn by People with Aries (Mesha) and Scorpio (Viruchika) as zodiac signs. The wearer of red coral is believed to get more courage. Red coral cures all types of blood diseases. Also, it is capable of curing the diseases like fever, bilious, cough, smallpox, chickenpox, loss of vitality, piles, headache, etc. People who wear this gemstone will get all the material richness and great significance.

Emerald (“Maragadham”)

Navaratna Stone - Navaratna Stones - emerald

Emerald is a green colored stone found in nature. It is pretty to look at and also to wear. People with Gemini (Mithra) and Virgo (Kanya) zodiac signs can wear this gemstone as lucky stone. Emerald enhances the brain related improvements like memory, intelligence and learning abilities. Being a hot gemstone, emerald removes the negativity in one’s life. Especially, fear and sensitivity are completely removed by this stone. It is believed that emerald cures diseases like gastritis, diarrhea, asthma, insomnia, heart troubles, dysentery, etc.

Yellow Sapphire (Pushparagam)

Navaratna Stones - Navaratna Stone - yellow sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is a kind of corundum and it occurs in various colors. Yellow sapphire is one among them. This gemstone is suitable for Sagittarius (Dhanus) and Pisces (Deena) zodiac signed people. Yellow sapphire is believed to fill one’s life with lots of richness and used more. Good health, honor, fame and wealth among the society. It is also believed that the person wearing this gemstone gets married earlier.

Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

Navaratna Stone - Navaratna Stones - Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire is also a kind of corundum used as a gemstone like yellow one. The only difference is the color which is blue. Capricorn (Makara) and Aquarius (Rumba) zodiac signed people will generally wear this gemstone. Neelam removes evil effects caused by Saturn. This gemstone also elevates people from poor status to high. Blue sapphire is good as long as it is used in a good way. The sapphire gives you all the health, wealth, prosperity and so on factors you want in life. And also it is capable of restoring your wealth which is lost.

Diamond (Vairam)

Navaratna Stone - Navaratna Stones - diamond

Diamond is a transparent crystal which is considered to be very precious. Also, it is a costly gemstone. People having Taurus (Vrushaba) and Libra (Thula) zodiac sign have to wear to grab the richness in life. Fortune follows them with this wear. Diamond enhances the fame, honor and wealth of the person. Usually it possesses the quality to bring in goodness and vanish away the bad thoughts. Diamond brings peacefulness to mind and also provides positive thoughts. Diseases like diabetes, skin, urinary problems, syphilis, and uterine diseases can be reduced in severity with this gemstone.

Hessonite (Komedhagam)

Navaratna Stone - Navaratna Stones - hessonite

Hessonite is a gemstone with calcium and aluminum deposits. Usually, hessonite is available in red, yellow or brown color. This gemstone helps in achieving a grand success within short period. It fulfills with abundant fortune. Hessonite is cold and cures diseases of stomach.

Cat’s Eye (Vaiduriyam)

Navaratna Stone - Navaratna Stones - cats eye

Cat’s eye gemstone is a special variety of gemstone which fascinates people with its powers. It has powers to restore the wealth and property of oneself.  This gemstone prevents the person wearing the stone from evil dangers and diseases. Cat’s Eye gemstone is supposed to deal with the evil effects of Kethu and diseases caused by Mars. It generally prevents people from mania, paralysis and other health problems.

Navaratna Gemstones for Enriching Life

Navaratna gemstones are the valuable and the most believed stones to bring wealth to life. Navaratna stones are not only astrologically believed but also believed scientifically. There are many good reasons for wearing such nice stones in life. Navaratna Gemstones should be worn by everyone to excel in their livelihood. Gemstones are the best solutions for getting yourself back and to achieve great heights. Buy gemstones and make your life worthy.

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